Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been created to demonstrate out firm commitment towards the privacy of those visiting or interacting with the website. It is understood that due to the nature of products and advice offered on this site by JR publishing that user privacy is of very high importance to our uses which is why we take matters concerning user and customer privacy very importantly.

What information we collect and how we use it

When you visit the site all browsing is done so anonymously. You personal information, such as your name, address, phone number or your email address will never be collected by us as you browse the site.
If you contact through the contact form on this site we will record you email address and name given in the name field (note that you are not required to give your full or even real name) for the sole purpose of replying to your email request. None of the information such as name, email or contents of the email will ever be filled in a searchable database or given to any third parties.

Personal residence details

If you choose to make a purchase, Paypal our payment provider may request your personal details including name and address in order to verify your payment. Please be assured that all products on this website are distributed digitally online in the form of an eBook or other digital product. JR publishing will never send any book, other product, bill, or advertising material to your place of residence under any circumstances unless specifically requested be yourself.

Payment Details

All payments are handled by Paypal on the secured Paypal website. No details associated to your credit card are ever collected by this site. You can view the Paypay privacy policy here. After payment we will send you a single email with a link to the instant download page where you can download your purchase anonymously.

Other Privacy Matters

As you can see, your privacy is taken very seriously. If you would like any more information or clarification on any issues related to your privacy please use the contact page to reach us.